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Vocational Education

During Years 11 and 12 students are given the opportunity to study courses in Vocational Education and Training at the College or at local TAFE Colleges.

Courses most favoured by students offered at TAFE include Accounting, Automotives Construction, Plumbing, Electrotechnology and Sport and Recreation.  Subjects offered at the College include Entertainment Industry and Hospitality – Kitchen Operations.

All courses studied provide dual accreditation of both TAFE credentials and the HSC.

Courses studied for both Years 11 and 12 can be included in the student’s University Admission Index (ATAR) for students who take the HSC examination in that subject.  The College is also part of the Sydney Catholic Catholic Vocational College Burwood Consortium which gives our students access to a range of vocational experiences including Construction, Automotive, and Sport Coaching.

The College is proud of its achievements in preparing students for life after school at University, TAFE or in the workforce.  With considered advice, students are assisted in choosing, with their parents, suitable learning pathways at each stage of the curriculum.

Ms Sue Jenkins
VET Coordinator
June 2018

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