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Gifted & Talented

“ All students regardless of race, age or gender by virtue of their dignity of human persons, have a right to an education that is suited to their particular needs and adapted to their ability” Declaration on Christian Education, Pope Paul V.

Marist College Eastwood recognises that gifted students possess a potential to achieve beyond the level of their age peers, often in multiple areas. As a result the school is committed to development of individual students rather than to the provision of a single program. The school acknowledges the unique nature of gifted children socially, emotionally and intellectually.

The school employs a Co-ordinator of Gifted Education with qualifications in Gifted Education from GERRIC and the University of New South Wales. Marist programs are based on research of current best practice using the Gagné’s Differentiated Model of Giftedness and Talent which has received national and international approval. Students are identified using a range of tools and, when needed, specialised educational programs are developed to allow students the opportunity to develop their gifts into talents.

In general, the College offers:

* Individual education plans (IEP) for targeted students
* Subject acceleration
* Participation in the Macquarie University Gifted and Talented Student Program
* CSIRO Crest Award (Science) – linked in with the Double Helix Club (Yr 8 – 12)
* Sydney University Gifted and Talented Program Science (Yr 8 ,9)
* Subject-based competitions
* Access to GERRIC courses held in holidays
* Mathematics grouping
* Access to Sydney CEO Gifted Programs – eg STAR project

Marist strives to be a place of challenge and enrichment for the mind of every student. High achievers in all areas are recognised and encouraged in the Marist community. Classes in Maths, English and Science are arranged to allow like minded students to work together and to allow teachers to provide an academically rigorous curriculum. Within the context of a Marist tradition, we aim to nurture the students’ abilities so that they can work towards making a difference in the world in their chosen career pathway.

* Opportunities for leadership or representation. The College offers many opportunities for leadership and responsibility within the student body. It also pursues opportunities in all domains for students to represent the school.
* Access to counselling, mentoring and support networks which are significant for social and emotional development.
* Information on community resources, such as specialists and enrichment opportunities.

In particular, the College offers:

Australian Competition – Mathematics, English and Science (Yr 7 – 12)
National Geographic Competition (Yr 10)
History Teachers Association Competition (Yr 10)
Western Sydney Social Science Competition (Yr 10)
Mathematics Challenge (Yr 7 -10)
Mind On Mathematics (Yr 7, 8)
Catholic Schools Debating Association – Public Speaking and Debating (Yr 7 -12)
Rostrum Voice Of Youth (Yr 7 -12)
Marist Oratory (Yr 7 -12)

The Marist College Eastwood Gifted and Talented program builds upon the strong principles that underpin education in Catholic systemic schools. We also offer a selective stream for students in years 7-10.

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