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Bring Your Own Designated Device

What you’ll need to bring to school:
The designated device we have chosen is the Apple Macbook Air.
Other models such as the Macbook Pro may also be used. Please see our BYODD specifications page for more information.

Families are free to choose where they purchase the device.
The College strongly recommends including the 3 Year AppleCare+ warranty when purchasing the device.

To further assist you, please find below vendors who can supply a MacBook Air:
EduComIT Portal (the password is BYOD)
JBHiFi Education (the password is BYOD2020). Please choose ‘MacBook Program’
Harvey Norman
Apple – through their online store, or a physical shop front.

It is recommended that laptops are replaced every three years to ensure they are functioning at optimal capacity.

Your Apple Macbook must have a current 3 Year AppleCare Protection plan.

Technical Support:
Please refer to the BYODD FAQ’s page for more information regarding technical support.

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