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Year 9 Camp

Year 9 and nine staff members set off for Camp Somerset at 9am on Monday 31 July. Once we
arrived, we were greeted by the fantastic staff at the camp. They spoke to the boys and then they
started the repacking process so that everyone had a rucksack.
Some groups headed straight to canoeing while others had an early lunch and then set off on their
walks to their campsite. Unfortunately, the rain started so we all got quite wet but luckily, it was not
heavy for very long. The rain stopped in time for us to set up tents.
Each group completed different activities and were at a different campsite each night. All students
were involved in cooking their dinner and they seemed to enjoy it. The camp’s main themes were
resilience and teamwork.

All students were tested in some way during the camp and the teamwork that they showed was very impressive.

Ms Linda Burland
Year 9 Coordinator



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