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CSDA Public Speaking Zone Finals

After competing in The CSDA Public Speaking Zone Finals at St Ignatius’ College, Riverview on Friday 10 March, MCE experienced record-breaking success when five of our nine speakers won through to the State Finals held at Marist College, North Shore last Friday 17 March. MCE students Marcus Della Vedova (Year 7), Xavier Watkins (Year 8), Daniel Blayney and Jayden Scott (Year 9), and Deon Testore (Year 11) proudly and commendably represented our College against a swathe of high-quality competitors from throughout the Sydney Diocese and its surrounding regions.

The quality of speeches was amazing across the board, but it was the passion, enthusiasm and insightful thinking of our boys that prompted many adjudicators to single MCE students out for positive feedback. Much of this feedback related to the level of maturity and depth of intellect our students demonstrated in tackling topical issues relating to social justice, inclusion and personal experience. Two of our students, Xavier Watkins (Year 8) and Jayden Scott (Year 9), were outstanding, receiving 2nd place in their respective Year groups. Both students deserve congratulations for their dedication, passion and hard work. Few people know how much courage and fortitude it takes to stand in front of an audience of peers and adults and to speak from your heart with confidence at such a young age.

Ultimately, I would like to thank and congratulate all of the members of the 2017 MCE Public Speaking Team: Alec Depergola and Marcus Della Vedova (Year 7), Noah Darmenia and Xavier Watkins (Year 8), Jayden Scott and Daniel Blayney (Year 9), James Lay and Arunn Umapathy (Year 10), Liam Hooper, Deon Testore and Harry Peters (Year 11), and Jordi Burgess and Hugo Dinan (Year 12). Additionally, a great deal of thanks is owed to all parents and teachers who assisted with adjudicating or came to watch our boys including: Mrs Ashleigh Kidd, Mrs Debbie Hanrahan, Mr Gabriel Rulewski, Mr Shane Scott, Ms Mary Kelliher, Ms Pina d’Angelo and our Principal, Mr Mark Woolford.

Mr Chris Walton
Public Speaking & Debating Coordinator



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